Monday, January 18, 2010

Ketep Pass Magelang

That morning, Rusyan (24), one officer Ketep Pass set one by one car going in the tourism place. Although the expression looks hot but her voice remains loud and sounded eager to help each car to be parked and welcome to come to enter into.
Lebaran atmosphere is usually passed along with a large family. However, not with the Rusyan continues Ketep duty at the Pass. In fact, she says, "As the holiday seasons, including Lebaran, usually visitors can double the normal days even more, for that we are all here to serve. Not bad, no additional income, "he said, smiling Rusyan. Sure enough, despite the new clock was eight o'clock in the morning, there were ten cars parked in the shelter Ketep Pass.

Ketep Pass or Ketep Hill, situated at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level (above sea level). The area approximately 8000 square meters. Can be taken from the village Blabak to the east, 30 km from Kota Magelang and 35 km from the City Boyolali. From the city of Salatiga is located about 32 km, can be achieved through Kopeng and Kaponan Village. Our own take direction from Magelang (Blabak), where all the roads we traveled from Ketep Pass Blabak until smooth and can accelerate the vehicle between 60 to 70 km / hour. After entering Blabak village, we passed many rice fields that looked neat people, clean and eye pleasing.

On the initiative of Central Java Governor H. Mardiyanto, this hilly land selected for development as a new tourist destination in the path Solo - Selo - Borobudur with characteristic kegunungapian tour. When was inaugurated by the President of Indonesia Megawati's time, on October 17, 2002 a newly built two viewing post and the court. With the advantage of attractive scenery of Mount Merapi - Merbabu, terraces stretch of agricultural land and the air cool heightened Ketep Pass visitors crowded in both the regular day or on a holiday.

This morning the weather was very sunny, so we could see a clear peak of Merapi viewing post Ketep. In addition, we can know the ins and outs smoothed by going Volcano Theater only additional cost of five dollars per person. Volcano Theater was built early in 2003 which presents a film about the various activities of Merapi vulkaniknya. This new facility further strengthens Ketep Pass features as kegunungapian sights. Entering the building area is 550 square meters, such as cinema enters the room, because it's styled like shape. The film begins general information about volcanoes presented in the form of drawings, photographs and maps in large format, then invited visitors to explore and enjoy the collections of the volcano through a multi-media devices.

Rock samples that are equipped with technical information to the next dish. Panorama Merapi in a variety of views will take visitors to the main dish is a miniature Merapi in large sizes. In general, information about Merapi, we get a relatively complete from past until now. At the top there is the Court of Ketep Pass Panca Arga, the weather here when we can enjoy the five peaks, namely G. Merapi, G. Merbabu, G. Sindoro, G. cleft and G. Slamet. Also will look small mountains like Telomoyo, Andong, the Dieng Plateau and the hills Menoreh.

After touring Ketep Pass, we can enjoy the fun of eating corn and fried lined up across Ketep Pass. With the cool weather, breezes and panoramic mountain typically does give a different nuance. Ketep hill has now become a tourist destination with cirri interesting sajiannya typical kegunungapian ie. Tourist attractions are not only rekreatif but loaded with educational content is presented attractively.


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